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Heading Up

It's not exactly an Allegiant MD-80 but probably as fast as one.  This is the day I am travelling  to Northlandia.  That looks a little like Peoria International.  The usual goes:  posts may be spotty in the next few days, but while I always post that disclaimer we usually have everything well in hand so you continue to get your money's worth.  My list of things to do is long and I'm sure there will be road trips, bike rides, friend visits, cabin projects and maybe an occasional cold beer to mark the time.      

It's kind of funny, and expensive, that I continue to slowly send stuff back to the cabin by UPS, Fed Ex or the post office.  What was it this time, five boxes?  You'd think I was moving back to the wilderness outside Emerald City by all the stuff I sent up.  You can tell with the above picture that I have just about stripped my cell from personal belongings.  

But don't fear, as long as I have a babysitting job waiting for me I shall continue to travel back to Kitschland for that paycheck.  But  time is running out as Alfred will start pre-school in a couple years, and it doesn't look like there will be any replacements.  I have asked them to breed and bring their spawn to me but this time they have resisted my entreaties.  So it goes.   

I have an unfinished painting to continue dabbling and I also hope to do a couple plein air paintings as well.  There will also be photographic opportunities right off the bat.  The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is on May 5th and 6th, so I'll find a perch under dark skies somewhere and try to catch some "falling stars". 

And finding dark skies is a lot easier to accomplish in Northlandia than Kitschland.  The above photos were taken by a satellite recently mapping earth at night.  I'm psyched.  So, I will be camping out at the Blue Lagoon north of Emerald City on Friday morning and maybe even Saturday morning, too, to get those Eta Aquarids flying overhead.  If it just wasn't so damn dark out there - and if I hadn't seen all those spook movies - and if I didn't have that active imagination, it would be perfect.   

I will also be putting in a rather large wildflower garden next to the Cabin in the Woods.  Should be fun, in a dirty sweaty kind of way. 

I have a painting not done and I have ideas for a couple more so I'm hepped up about that too.  Roadtrips, bike rides,  Cabin projects,  Midwest food, ball scratchin' with the guys.  Damn.   

Once again, posts may be spotty.  I am getting a new PC for the Cabin.  The Smithsonian wants my old one.  It has been around quite a while (I got it when Brendan was at Clarksville) and even stored in a garage for a few years.  It has no OS so it is time to upgrade.  If BFE is down a day or two then you know what has happened.  Your subscription rates will be pro-rated accordingly.  

OK, I wonder what I did with my jeans?  Is it really that chilly up there? 


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