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Scavanger Hunt

A few years ago Neighbor Tim and I began placing a wager on the Super Bowl.  I am by nature a temperate soul who abhors vices of any kind, so when he suggested it I was appalled.  However, in the interest of fostering comradeship I acquiesced.  Along the way we each got a little creative with the payouts.  One year Tim paid in coins.  Another in Canadian currency.  I didn't lose often but when I did I tried making it as much fun as possible.  This past year I went with Atlanta and, sadly, lost. 

I bought a tacky Florida clamshell with some trashy crap attached and then bought a small glass bottle with prehistoric shark teeth inside.  The original plan was to put the twenty into the bottle and then glue it onto the clamshell.  However, that plan didn't materialize because I was unable to jam the bill into the hole.  After repeated efforts, even using dish soap for lube, I still couldn't get the bill inside the bottle.  

After some contemplation I decided that maybe a scavenger hunt with our planned bike ride would be a fun way to pay out.  With the help of the Wombies we mapped out a route and a few clues.       

I placed the first clue into the glass bottle.  Unfortunately, Neighbor Tim decided to use his drill to open the hole.

The clue was:  Soldiers and Wizards on the left, bullshit on the right; stuck in the middle with you.  Note the black tape on the finger which was the result of the drill accident. 

Soldiers and wizards refers to Roosevelt Military Academy and the fact I call Aledo Emerald City which is where the wizard lives in Wizard of Oz.  Bullshit refers to New Windsor where the World's Biggest Little rodeo is, thus stuck in the middle, according to the map is Viola.

The next clue was something like: Betcha a "Dollar"  "Rocks and Roll teen angels will guide you to your next clue. 

Behind Dollar General in Viola is the cemetery.  At the back is a pile of rocks where we placed heads of two kids, one had the next clue inside.

So far, so good.  Neighbor Tim did a great job putting it all together.  The teen angel at the cemetery clue called for a higher education at "college" and sometimes all you need to know is right under your ass.    

There is a bar on College Avenue in Emerald City and it didn't take Tim long to start looking under the stools stools.


The final clue was to send Tim to Keithsburg.  Unfortunately, a beer led to a few more and the hunt ended at Beer Bellies.  Had we finished this is what Tim would have discovered. 

The last clue would have sent to a place that helps guide barges from the rocky shores.  This is the old Lighthouse bar and grille at the river's edge.  Had Tim climbed off his bike and investigated, he would have seen the following.  

On a window facing the river was this final clue:  a coaster.

At this point I was going to reach in my pocket and hand the Victor a $20.  It was a fun project and Tim was a good sport.  Can't beat a scavenger hunt, good company, a bike ride, cold beer and new cash.    


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